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Sandy Zaboukos

Sandra ZaboukosSandy Zaboukos, the Owner of My Favorite Pet Sitter, has always had a love for animals.

She graduated with a Masters Degree in Criminal Justice, a Bachelors Degree in Psychology and worked in the Criminal Justice field until having her first child in 1999. Sandy has had a variety of animals, including dogs, cats, rats and chinchillas. She also has experience working with feral cats and fostering cats and dogs for adoption.

Today Sandy has three children, two dogs and two cats. She has been a pet sitter since 2007 and is also a Board Certified Lactation Consultant.

"I loved the picture! I don't think the pets even missed me! You are wonderful, very professional! Thanks!"
— Folsom

"Extremely professional company. I will tell everyone I know with pets about how good they were! Thank you so much for making our trip worry-free."

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Our Staff

Carol Arena  •  Susan Atchley  •  Linda Butkus  •  Jessica Rogers  •  Theresa Pratt  •  Sandra Zaboukos

  • Carol Arena

    Growing up with five siblings and two animal loving parents, Carol has been exposed to many pets, including snakes, owls, and rats. She had a Doberman Pincer as a nanny when she was young. As an adult she has handfed Rosella Parrots and loved Two Vizsla dogs (you cannot have just one Vizsla!). She currently serves two cats in her home: India, a Polydactal grey, and Beko, a large golden-eyed black cat. Carol became a semi-retired chef when she came back to Sacramento to care for her mother. After a degree in art she attended The Culinary Institute in Hyde Park, N.Y. and made her passion her career. She trained mainly on the east coast but worked for a while in San Francisco in one of her most fun jobs with the Tassajara monks at the restaurant Greens.
  • Sandra Zaboukos
    Sandra Zaboukos
    Sandra has always been an animal lover. She has had animals her whole life and even grew up thinking her German Sheppard was her big brother! She graduated from CSU Sacramento with degrees in Criminal Justice and Psychology and worked in law enforcement for five years. She has experience working with feral cats, fostering cats and dogs for adoption, and has completed emergency rescue training through United Animal Nations. She has had many animals throughout her lifetime including dogs, cats, rats, hamsters, fish, rabbits, and even a chinchilla. Sandy is currently a stay-at-home mom and teaches child birth classes part time. She enjoys working with animals and loves getting to know all their different temperaments and personalities. She has a cat “Rosie”, a pet rat, and two fish.

  • Susan Atchley

    Susie has been working with animals since 1990. She currently has her own pony ride and petting zoo business. She has several dogs, horses, ponies, sheep, goats, ducks, chickens, and other farm animals. Previously, Susie worked with a dog trainer for several years and also a groomer in a vet's office where she would sometimes help when they were short-staffed. She has dog show experience in the breed and obedience rings and has worked her own dogs in agility. She has held several jobs in customer service and management over the years, but she loves working with animals the most.
  • Linda Butkus
    Linda Butkus
    Linda has been an animal enthusiast her whole life. As a child she had numerous animals and birds as pets. As an adult with four children, if it can walk, hop or swim it’s been a member of the family. The extended family of pets currently includes two dogs, a guinea pig and a fish. Linda also does volunteer work with Homeward Bound Golden Retriever Rescue. On weekends she enjoys going out to the ranch to work with the dogs and help families that want to adopt. Occasionally a dog will come home to foster until it finds its forever home. Linda worked as an elementary school teacher before staying home with her kids. Working with animals as a pet sitter is a rewarding job that always brings a smile to her face.
  • Jessica Rogers
    Jessica Rogers
    Jessica is a true animal lover who has been working with animals since 2000. She graduated with her BA in Psychology from Sac State, where her coursework included such classes as Animal Psychology and Animal Behavior. She was a volunteer for Placer SPCA from 2000 to 2003 and has participated in fundraising events such as BBQ & Blues and Santa Paws, and has assisted in their Animal Adoption program. Besides pet sitting, Jessica works full-time as an administrative assistant in the construction industry (although it can’t compare to her love for pets!). She has a 2-year-old Chihuahua named Hurley who goes almost everywhere with her and loves to dress up.
  • Theresa Pratt
    Theresa Pratt
    Theresa has always been an animal lover and has a soft spot for all sorts of pets. She has always had one sort of animal or another, quite a few of them with “special needs”. If an animal didn’t have anyone else to turn to, Theresa would somehow turn up to take on the project. Dogs, cats, rodents, and lots of other pets have called Theresa their mother over the years. A mother of three human children, she currently has four cats, three dogs and two fish in her home…sorry, no partridge in a pear tree (at least not yet). She has worked in a number of careers over the years, but finds pet sitting the most rewarding and fun. She loves caring for furry creatures and looks forward to being your pet sitter in the future.
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