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My Favorite Pet Sitter


January 2008 Newsletter

Happy New Year!  This is our first monthly newsletter, filled with tips, important information, and our favorite pet of the month.  We hope you enjoy it!

Pet Health

Not only can the holiday season be stressful for us, but it can also be stressful for your pets!  Here are a couple of excellent articles from Drs. Foster & Smith about submissive urination for dogs and improper elimination for cats.



Pet of the Month

Congratulations to Darryl, our January pet of the month!  He was recently interviewed by his owner, Linda, and had this to say.

How I met my family:

I was given to Linda's daughter Amy as a gift from a friend for Amy's 20th birthday, and she named me Darryl after the 3 brothers named Darryl on the Bob Newhart Show.  Amy and I lived in Portland and later in Santa Cruz, where I developed an anger management problem and was instigating fights with other neighborhood cats.  I yowled so loud to get out at night that the neighbors were complaining and Amy couldn't sleep, so I had to come back to Sacramento to stay with Linda.

What I have to say about the companion human(s) I share my home with:

I have Linda trained very well. She feeds me and snuggles with me, and lets me out to lounge in the sun on the patio when I want to go out, but I do get a little irritable when she brushes me.

My favorite hobbies:

Snoozing in my favorite napping places and inspecting everything new that Linda brings into the house.

My favorite food:

I love french fries, but I'm on a strict prescription diet these days so I can get back in shape.

My favorite toy:

I like to catch my wool mousie and bite its leather tail.

My most exciting adventure:

I used to cause trouble in my neighborhood when I was a young tough guy, but now I'm reformed. I just got back from a week in a cabin with my family at Lake Tahoe.

My idea of a perfect day:

Pets and scratches, a yummy breakfast, then a lazy morning in the sun and sprawling on the newspaper while Linda tries to read it.

A secret skill or ability that few people know about me:

I don't meow like other kitties.  My sound is more like "kek-kek-kek"!

What I like most about my pet sitter:

She knows what cats like and she pays special attention to me when Linda is gone. She plays with me, pets me and takes good care of me.

Service Announcements

Are your cats’ claws getting long?  Is she sticking to the carpet when she walks or, worse yet, digging into your pant legs?  I provide claw-clipping service for just $15, so give me a call to set up an appointment.  If I have your key on file and your cats are friendly, you won’t need to be home.

Does your dog like to go on walks?  You can schedule intermittent dog walks at a reasonable cost.  For instance, to have your dog walked twice a week would cost about $100 per month.  Your dog would love the exercise and chance to explore the neighborhood!

I will not be raising my rates in 2008, however in order to continue offering pet sitting services, I am now requiring full payment up front, by the first scheduled visit.  This is necessary for me since this is a cash-only business and it allows me to pay my pet sitters in a timely manner.

All payments will need to be mailed to the address shown on your invoice unless other arrangements are made with me in advance.  There will be a 14-day grace period from the due date, after which interest will accrue, so be sure to mail your payment before you leave!

In addition, I have changed my cancellation policy with respect to overnight visits.  Due to having a limited number of staff that can provide overnight visits, we can only book one or two clients on a given night and sometimes must turn down another client's request.  Therefore, the cancellation period is now 14 days for overnight visits.  If you provide less than 7 days notice, you will be charged the full estimated cost.  If you provide less than 14 days notice, you will be charge 1/2 of the estimated cost.  The cancellation period for all other visits remains the same (48 hours).

Spotlight on Fundraising

Click on this link once a day and the corporate sponsors will donate money and food to the animal rescue.  It’s free!

Do you have used printer cartridges and old cell phones?  You can turn them in at the Folsom Petco on the 1st and 3rd Sundays (except for January 20th) between 11am and 4pm.  Folsom Feline Rescue uses them to raise money for spay/neuter for cats and dogs in Sacramento County.

Pet Humor

You won’t believe the special  friendship shared by this kitten and crow!  It is incredibly heartwarming.

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