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My Favorite Pet Sitter


February 2008 Newsletter

Happy New Year!  This is our first monthly newsletter, filled with tips, important information, and our favorite pet of the month.  We hope you enjoy it!

Pet Health

Dental care is very important for dogs and cats. If you pet has bad breath, it could be an indicator of a dental problem or other serious condition. Please see the articles below for more information.



Pet of the Month

Congratulations to Taylor, our pet of the month!  She was recently interviewed by her owners, Steve and Audrey, and had this to say.

How I met my family:

Not long after I was born, Audrey and Steve (my soon to be parents) came to the house where myself and my other brothers and sisters were born. I saw them looking at all of us and hoped they would choose me! I remember sitting in the chair with my first daddy (the first owners of me and my siblings) and looking Audrey and Steve over. They seemed like they were good people, and I could tell they loved dogs. Much to my enjoyment they chose me. A few days later they came and picked me up.

What I have to say about the companion human(s) I share my home with:

Mommy and daddy are nice companions for me and very affectionate, which I like. They let me sleep with them on their bed and get on the couch with them in the family room. They are also very attentive to my needs.

My favorite hobbies:

My favorite hobby used to be chasing the sunbeam that came in from our dining room window and would reflect off my mommy's watch. She would sit in the dining room area and we would play for a little while. I also liked to play fetch with a tennis ball in the hallway. However, after tearing my ACL I cannot not do either of those things anymore.

My favorite food:

I know my mommy and daddy could get in trouble for this, but my favorite food is human food! Yes they share a little bit with me!

My favorite toy:

My favorite toy used to be the tennis ball that I would fetch and rope-type toys to play tug of war when I was younger.

My most exciting adventure:

The most exciting adventure for me was going to Sun River a few times for Christmas to see family and friends. I remember running and walking around in the snow, which was fun!

My idea of a perfect day:

My idea of a perfect day is waking up next to my parents, going for a walk, eating, and then napping! I also enjoy visiting my neighbors across the street.

A secret skill or ability that few people know about me:

I really can't think of a skill or ability that few people know about. I basically have no secrets!!!!!!

What I like most about my pet sitter:

My pet sitters Janet, Pam and Sue ARE THE BEST. I get lonely in the garage when my parents are at work all day. I think I have separation anxiety! It is a real blessing when they come to visit and take me out. They are very kind and patient with me. As I'm sure they know, I am quite spoiled!

Service Announcements

Last month, while walking my dog on a paved path in Folsom, we came across a coyote about 100 feet away. We stopped and the coyote stopped. My dog was curious but I wouldn’t let him get closer. I was unsure what was best to do, as I was a fair distance away from getting back to a street. I decided to try walking in the direction of the coyote to see if it would back away. My dog is large, much larger than the coyote. But it didn’t move. Rather than get any closer, I decided to try retreating by walking backwards. I didn’t want to turn my back on the coyote. Well, the coyote started walking towards us! This put me into a bit of a panic, but I stayed calm and continued walking. Eventually, the coyote walked off the path and left us alone.

I mention this not to frighten anyone but to remind us all to be aware of our surroundings. This happened to me at 3:30pm in the afternoon, during daylight hours, so it’s best to always be prepared. Below are some tips that I found for dealing with coyotes.

According to, here are some things you can do to avoid encounters with wildlife:

• Don’t let coyotes intimidate you — don’t be scared to let them know who’s boss. If they’re scared of you, they are going to avoid you and your territory.
“We do encourage people to scare coyotes, just like when you have a stray dog,” said Marion Larson, an information and education biologist for the division of fisheries and wildlife. “Go out and hoot and holler, it’s coyote language for ‘I’m the top dog around here’ just run at them and yell at them and look like a maniac. That’s what we suggest with most animal situations that you want to remind them that you’re in charge.”

• Secure your garbage. Coyotes and other wildlife such as skunks, raccoons and foxes like urban areas because there is a lot of trash where they can find food in.

• Don’t try to feed or pet coyotes.

• Keep your pets safe. If you’re letting your cat or dog out than you should go with them. A small dog or cat could mean food to a coyote, and a coyote may feel challenged by a larger dog.

• Keep bird feeders clean. Free birdseed attracts wild animals.

• Feed pets indoors. Wildlife can smell food out and will come to it.

• Close off sheds and porches. Coyotes and other animals look for places where they can make dens.

• Cut back brush. Overgrown bushes and shrubs give cover for coyotes and their prey.

Henceforth, I also carry pepper spray while dog walking. I learned in a self-defense class that you can spray the air between you and an attacking animal such that the animal would cross into that area and come into contact with the spray. It’s not required that you get close enough to spray the animal directly.

Spotlight on Fundraising

Some of you have asked about donating books for the next book sale fundraiser for No More Homeless Pets in Sacramento County ( We are now collecting books for our sale on April 12th and 13th. Please let me know if you have books to donate.

Do you have used printer cartridges and old cell phones?  You can turn them in at the Folsom Petco on the 1st and 3rd Sundays (except for January 20th) between 11am and 4pm.  Folsom Feline Rescue uses them to raise money for spay/neuter for cats and dogs in Sacramento County.

Pet Humor

Click here to see a piggybacking dog, cat, and rat. They are unbelievable! Be sure to turn up your volume when you watch it.


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