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My Favorite Pet Sitter


March 2008 Newsletter

Pet Health – Cat Clawing and Dog Arthritis

Do you have problems with your cats clawing the furniture? Here are 3 ways to remedy the situation. I’ve tried them all and found them to be successful with our cats. Remember, we can help with trimming your cats’ claws! Cats Clawing article.

We have several elderly dogs that we care for, many of which have arthritis.  Here is some information on how to determine if your dog has arthritis and how to treat it. Dog Arthritis article.

Pets of the Month

Congratulations to Mikki, Nikki, and Emma, our March pets of the month! Mikki is an orange tabby and Nikki and Emma are Greyhounds. They were recently interviewed by their mom, Olga, and had this to say.

How we met our family:
Mikki the cat: I was rescued by my Mom in 1993 when I lived in Cleveland, Ohio.

Nikki and Emma: We were adopted through the Wine Country Greyhound Rescue. We used to be race dogs in Florida. We decided to keep our names just to make it more fun for people.

What we have to say about each other:

Mikki: I liked being the only child before my big sisters came. I think I like them but I stay out of the way just in case.

Nikki and Emma: We are best friends and go everywhere together. About the little orange fur ball... he is too small to notice.

Our favorite hobbies:
Mikki: Love to catch lizards and lounge in the back yard.

Nikki and Emma: Race each other around the house.

Our favorite foods:
Mikki: Give me a can of tuna any time and you'll see what happiness is.

Nikki and Emma: We love those crunchy rawhide bones. And of course cookies of any kind.

Our favorite toys:
Mikki: Did I mention the lizards?

Nikki and Emma: The more toys the better. Of any kind. We know to avoid Daddy's shoes.

Our most exciting adventures:
Mikki: Couple years ago I took a plane ride from Ohio; I am told it was fun.

Nikki and Emma: We like riding in cars because we used to travel for work all around the country. The best adventure was coming to California and reuniting with our family.

Our idea of a perfect day:
Mikki: Sun, back yard, lizards, tuna, no dogs, and someone is brushing me.

Nikki and Emma: Cookies, back of the Jeep, Folsom Point Park, more cookies.

Secret skills or abilities that few people know about us:
Mikki: I can read your mind and and send telepathic messages.

Nikki and Emma: We can fly if you let us.

What I like most about my pet sitters:
Sue, Pam, and Mary are the best; we adore them. They always come when Mom and Dad are away so we don't get lonely. They keep us well fed and happy and we can take them for walks!

Service Announcements

Spring weather is here and it’s a great time to travel! If you are planning a vacation this spring or even summer, please let us know your dates so we can put you on our schedules.

Spotlight on Fundraising

No More Homeless Pets in Sacramento County ( is holding a used book sale on April 12th and 13th inside Country Club Plaza Mall at 2310 Watt Ave. (at El Camino). Saturday hours are 10am to 9pm and Sunday 11am to 5pm. Proceeds will be used for a pet Super Adoption to be held on May 17th and 18th. Please come support their cause.

Folsom Feline Rescue is looking for a “Business of the Month” each month to keep a donation canister on their premises to raise money for spay/neuter for dogs and cats. If you or someone you know is interested in being a Business of the Month, please let me know. The business will be featured on their web site and quarterly newsletter.

Pet Humor

This is the funniest and cutest pet story I have seen yet. It features 3 little kittens on their first adventure. It’s narrated in Japanese with English subtitles. You’ll want to have your volume turned up so you can hear the voice tones. Click here.

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